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Tyrannosaurus rex Life Sized Half Skull Wall mount


Brand new from Prehistoric for 2022 is this stunning 100% anatomically accurate and exact scale T rex half skull wall mount.

Created by our team of expert paleoartists this is the most accurate replica T rex skull in this price range anywhere in the world! We used a sophisticated system of photo mapping and casts of  original T rex skull bones to create this unique and ultra accurate display skull in all its original 65 million year old glory.

Exact size at 145cm long, relief from wall up to 30cm, giving you the full depth and power of this incredible skull. Teeth are casts of genuine Tyrannosaur teeth.

Supplied Right facing (Right hand side of skull) with matrix infils in the skull openings)

We can offer these without matrix at an additional cost of £125.00, please contact us for an invoice after ordering.

Jaw is fully hinged at rear to allow display in any gape. Easy to mount via three small L brackets on edges of skull, no specialist tools or skills needed.

Please select your destination from the drop down menu, as price is fully inclusive of shipping. 

These are custom built items available in Fossil Brown (Pictured) and Fossil Grey. Please see our other listings for examples of this colour.

Please allow up to 4-8 weeks lead time at busy times.

Limited numbers.


1 &2 Fossil brown with matrix standard version

3,4 & 5 Fossil grey with cutaway matrix openings


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