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For 2018 we are teaming up with Ozraptor Studios of Australia on some very exciting new projects based on incredible species of Dinosaurs discovered down under. Working closely together over the coming months we have some very interesting and exciting new projects planned. 


Also, a range of our fossil replicas will be available through this outlet for the South Eastern corner of the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, China and more.



To celebrate the launch of our Dinosaurs Down Under collection, we have our brand new Australovenator claw, measuring in at an incredible 30cm long. This colossal finger claw is an authentic reproduction of this megaraptoran theropod discovered in Winton. Cast in solid resin for durability with precision detailing of the original reconstruction designed and created by Prehistoric Studios and Ozraptor Studios. These ship directly from Ozraptor Studios in Australia, you can order yours here 





 Ozraptor, a visualization by paleoartist John Mac