Fleshed Out Replicas

In 2016, we created a Deinonychus bust (above), the very first of our 'fleshed out' replicas, which proved to be more popular than we could have imagined , we wore out an entire set of moulds on the first run, and the second edition never even made it to the website before they sold out. We have responded to customer requests and have brought these back for a third and final edition, as a new resculpt and mould, with better detailing, and enhanced artwork based on what most of you have asked us for.
We have been very busy this last year working on some other fantastic projects with our skeletal and fossil replica work for the site and customers around the world, but for 2019 in general we are looking forward to focusing in on some new designs and services we can offer with our fleshed out paleo creations, from rigid cast life sized models to flexible skin puppets and practical effect animatronic life sized dino's, we've even been asked for some ultra accurate dinosaur suits!
All of our following services are available as pre-order currently, so if there's something that would potentially suit your requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to offer a free no obligation design appraisal and quote to match your needs exactly.


Deinonychus - Concept illustration for our 2019 adaptation tbc (front section of mould shown)


Our Deinonychus is due to come back as a new revised, higher detailed and more accurate version sometime Feb-March, we also have the option with these to produce full body statues, around 11 feet in length for exhibitors and theme parks etc.
Another possibility we have for these is casts in flexible skins that can be worn as a suit, we are looking into the viability of an ultra accurate version, for promotions, theme parks and travelling exhibitors. We have run some initial tests with materials and some scale working drawings and they are perfectly possible, we are seeking interest at this stage to see if they can be put into production.  Please contact us for details, and we will be happy to provide more information.

Deinonychus - complete statues available for 2019 cast in either resin, or a flexible skinned suit - please contact us for details - strictly limited numbers
We now have access to a wealth of new materials and techniques which makes animated Dinosaurs possible for us. With the knowledge and experience we have developed in moulding and casting, we have trialled many new materials such as latex foam and urethane rubbers finished with airbrush and the moulding processes necessary and can create ultra realistic flexible dinosaur skins and details.
Enquiries we have already have include some small hand operated baby dinosaur puppets that you can hold under your arm - for mobile exhibition companies in the UK and Europe to a life sized Tyrannosaur experience for visitors, yes - inspired by a movie scene but designed to be a very realistic interactive display, built on an aluminium articulated frame operated by manual and simple animatronics for a natural fluid movement. 
Tyrannosaurus rex - life size animatronic/practical effect concept illustration Jan 2019