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Z>L> Woodhouse / UK / Just received my order and oh my, I'm in love 😍😍 thank you so much 100/10 from me!!.

Ray Croydon / Southend / UK / Great site, have a few of your replicas now, saving up to build my collection. Great site, great products, keep it up!!!  ***** Five stars!

R Simmons / UK / I have just received my Raptor bust 😲😲😲👍👍 OMG it is amazing, thanks sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!   It's signed 001, the first one made too!!!!!!  Thank you so much again, it is an incredible piece, and now our favourite display in our house.

B.Scragg / Love all your items, have the Utahraptor claw from your selves and was very impressed. Saving up now to get a bigger piece for the wall maybe a raptor head ?.

S. Haddon / Birmingham/ UK / Excellent site, I keep coming back to see what's new. My son is loving his Alosaurus on his bedroom wall.

C.Reuter / Germany / This Shop is amazing. I am a dinosaur enthusiast since my youngest days. I allways loved these animals and wanted to have good looking fossils of them for myself. So, this is the perfect solution. :)

D. Golding / Dartford / UK Fantastic store with a wide range of museum quality replicas! Ideal as the centrepiece for a man cave!! As a designer and a lover of dinosaurs, I think these are amazing and a special and unique item to own.
John Burrows / UK / Very cool site! I am saving up for one at the minute.

Lin B / UK / My son is very interested in this type of thing - eventually I would like to get one for his bedroom wall.

John Michael Sefel / Columbus, Ohio, USA Hello from the U.S.! I am writing about the contest being decided on June 12th. As it so happens, June 12th is my 40th birthday! (absolutely true--go google my name, I'm sure my birthday will pop up somewhere). What a joy it would be to win a fossil on the day I become one! If that's not enough to warm your hearts in my favor, let me add that, as a perpetual student slogging through his PhD, this would surely make me the envy of my entire cohort as it hangs proudly above my desk, and undoubtedly send my peers in an internet frenzy to your wonderful site. If even THAT'S not enough, then let me simply say that any good science news around the coffee maker is to be cherished on this side of the Atlantic at the moment. Although small in the grand scheme of things, this sort of delivery to a Research 1 University overflowing with delightful nerds is the sort of thing that could make anyone's day. Thank you for your consideration and, far more importantly, for your amazing company! john michael sefel

Peter Whitaker / The City of Culture / England. This site is wonderland for people like me who have the passion for Palaeontology but lack the resources of a museum!

Joe Khaliffa / Gateshead / UK. Hey! I really love your work. Prehistoric life has been a fascination of mine for a very long time and I think that this is a unique and genius idea recreating fossils for art. I would really love to have a few of these to display around the house. Already in love with the raptor fossil replica.

R. Kirkham-Cope / UK / Some of the best replicas I've ever seen, you really
can't tell the difference just looking at them.

Kat C / Kent / UK. This site makes me wish I had unlimited resources.
Very, very cool stuff!

Dayna A./ California / I would love to win this for my daughter.
She is a dinosaur nut and wants to be a paleontologist when she grows

Teacher from Alberta, Canada who loves taking students to the
badlands in Drumheller AB, the dinosaur capital of the world!
One of the most fascinating ways to bring learning into my
classroom deals with experiencing life, and as dinosaurs are my
passion, having hand-made masterpieces like this is always a sure
fire way to get kids interested in learning and quite frankly allows
me to have enthusiasm for everything I do! Amazing pieces! Still
saving my pennies!!

Michael / Just wanted to say love your site and I'm hoping one
day to order a few things for my daughter when she gets older,
she's 5 and loves dinosaurs her favorite is the velociraptor

Poppy/ Aberdeen / UK / It's incredible to think that such a site
exists - that you can buy
a replica of a creature that lived millions of years ago. They are
beautifully crafted by people who are clearly exceptionally talented
with a real passion for what they do. A wonderful website, beautiful
collection and amazing prices. The reviews say it all for themselves.
Keep up the wonderful work, inspiring young people and dinosaur
enthusiasts worldwide

Patrick Bate / Nebraska, US /
Hey, folks! What a great assortment of replicas; it's really
awesome to see science and art coming together in such a spectacular

Giulia / Milan, Italy / I've always been a great dino fan since I
was 4/5 years old, my passion towards fossils and dinosaurs has
grown over time, and I still find myself filled with emotion when
I come across one...and I was so suprised to discover these utterly
gorgeous replicas! I'd love to have one with me ❤️

Antonio Capano/ Padua/ Italy. Since I was a child, I've been loving these creations, and yours are one of the best ever seen. I'm truly in love with them. Keep working this way, you're great at it!

From Rice lake wi USA. I would love to win the veloceraptor contest. It's my birthday on the 7th so it would be an amazing gift. Love your products. I just can't ever afford to get any. Which really sucks because I've had a love for dinosaurs since I was like 3. I find them fascinating. Beautiful fierce creatures. So smart. How can you miss something that's been extinct for millions of years and that would kill you without hesitation? I don't know but I do. I wish I could have seen real live raptors and t Rex. My favorites. So winning this would be amazing for me. I would cherish this forever. Thank you. Thank you all for signing our new guestbook so far!

J .Harwood-cresswell / UK Since finding this site I've been saving frantically to be able to buy something. I was introduced to The Prehistoric Store by a friend who has bought quite a few things from here. Everything is of excellent quality, you'll be thoroughly impressed. Thank you for offering such high quality products. I'm sure I'll have a large collection soon.

Samii / I absolutely love this shop, i have been eyeballing a couple of your pieces for a while and just need to save up enough money to finally purchase one.

Antonio Capano / Italy. Your shop is truly cool!!! Since I was a child I've been loving these creations, and yours are one of the best ever seen. Keep working this way, you're great at it!

Lil Hambly / The work you create at the Prehistoric Store is unbelievable. I've been fascinated by dinosaurs since I was a little girl and have gradually collected models and replicas of my favourite species, with the Raptors being my all time favourite. I hope to have some Prehistoric Store replicas in my collection sooner rather than later, especially seeing as though my little boy shares my love of all things dino, and I'd love to be able to pass down an impressive collection to him.

Robert L / United States / Minneapolis. What amazing products, faithful replicas, and fantastic artwork! I've begun collecting some of your products, and am inspired to try my hand at making my own someday!

Sophie Reeves, Andover Hampshire, England. I love your work,
I think it's very clever and brilliant. I am a big dinosaur fan and
I'd have anything that involves dinosaurs, especially the Baryonyx.
Keep your work going because you should be proud with what you do
and everyone loves your work.

Jamie Davies/Cardiff I absolutely love your work your replicas look
the best quality I've ever seen would love to give my nephew one for
his dinosaur themed room he has dozens of velociraptors models
he would be over the moon with this special peice :)

ISabella Lowe / I'm so so happy I stumbled across this website,
it has become my favourite place to buy replicas at a decent price!
Currently saving for the complete skeleton you've got! Can't wait
to own all of your products as they look 11/10!!!!

Samantha / Bookmarking this site for all future gifts for my
girlfriend, a future palaeontologist! Everything looks amazing.

T. South / This website is Soo awesome !! I come one here all the time,
I tell all my Palaeo Friends about this, we are all saving to get
things ahha

James Godding / Fantastic site - can't wait to get my hands on one of the bigger

George kiddle / From day one I've always had a deep love for paleontology,
reptiles and dinosaurs. I'd love to win something from this site
or have the money to buy one of these fantastic replicas.
This is my new favourite site!

Andi Lee/ USA / thanks for the information! wonderful site you habe
and absolutely stunning pieces you offer! keep up the amazing work!!

kevin james tansley /lincoln / wonderful site. love the products
i must try not to max out my credit card i'd buy everything if
funds allowed me too.

Anne / UK / I've seen the store advertised quite a few times on Facebook,
and follow the page. The detailing in these casts is incredible,
and I would do anything to have one of these life sized creations
on my wall! (All I need to do is save the money!) Well worth the
price, considering the amount of work that has gone into them!

Andrew baldry-white /These are the most amazing replicas I've seen
I hope to own one soon!

Shiv Rossington / Completely in love with all of these products they are absolutely stunning! Though my favourite has got to be the Spinosaurus it's incredible! As a future palaeontologist I hope to start a collection of your work as well as genuine fossils to fill my house with so I can be surrounded by the things I love the most.

Ben Highes / Swansea / Wales / UK / these replicas look incredible wouldn't look out of place in a museum ! Mind blowing work! Really invokes a sense of nostalgia and that wholesome feeling I had the first time I saw dinosaurs as a child ! would love to own all of these. Outstanding !

Amanda Hewitt / I  love your products. Would love the chance to win one

S. Rose / I have followed your facebook page for some time now and i think your work is breathtaking! So amazing!

Andrew baldry-white /  These are the most amazing replicas I've seen I hope to own one soon!

C. Spradlin  / This site and work is absolutely fantastic. As someone who has loved dinosaurs her whole life, these pieces really being out the child in me. I can't imagine having one of these pieces in my house to admire daily. Absolutely stunning!

William Nygren / This sight is incredible! I get to live out all of my Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones fantasies! Thank you for existing!!!

Ashley Taylor / UK / This is now mine and my two boys favourite website. My two sons are autistic and dinosaurs are their special interest so we eat, breathe, play and sleep dinosaurs. They both have dinosaur themed bedrooms so we'll need to get some new additions for them from you.