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Home Museum

Home Museum Spring 2022

Brand new from our paleoart and design time at Prehistoric is our mini home museum. We have listened carefully to all of our followers and customers and have designed and created a truly stunning matching display collectable set that won't break the bank and is ideal for shelf, wall display and perfect for gifting.
With 50 brand new items, featuring casts from original and very rare fossils, we have carefully selected each item to form the era of the dinosaurs, from their rise in the triassic to their demise in the cretaceous.
Our collection is backed up by an amazing high quality full colour museum guide.

Confirmed fossil replicas:

Triassic Sauropod, Triassic theropod, Triassic footprint, Herrerasaurus claw,
Procompsognathus skull, dinosaur coprolite, Ceolophysis skull, Triassic fern,
Triassic dinosaur eggshell, Ammonite, dinosaur bone fragment, Theropod vertebrae.
Sauropod eggshell fragments,Stegosaurus neck scutes, Allosaurus claw, Icthyosaurus juvenile skull, Mosasaurus tooth, Megalosaurus tooth, dinosaur skin impression, Embryonic Sauropod skull.
Tyrannosaurus rex tooth, Velociraptor claw, Deinonychus claw, Carcharodontosaurus tooth, Pterosaur tooth, meteor fragment. Juvenile Tyrannosaurus skull, Juvenile Stegosaurus Skull, Juvenile Pachycephalosaurus
skull, Juvenile Pterosaur skull.
Juvenile Icthyosaurus Skull
The Museum collection is nearing completion and will be announced soon on our Social media channels and via our newsletter. Make sure you have subscribed for first access.
If you have any Museum related enquiries, please use the message box below.