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Project Tyrannosaur


The New Face Of T Rex available from The Prehistoric Store

Project Tyrannosaur

We are working on a major T rex (fleshed out) project for 2021, and here is our first images of a new Tyrannosaurus rex featuring the skin and all anatomical detailing based on the most popular theory to date. Our reference for this project was Skull AMNH 5027. This is a life sized sculpt, measuring in at just over 5 feet.

This reconstruction is currently a half profile, designed to be wall mounted and has acted as a kind of detailed concept sculpt for our main project next year. Key influences in this design have been the latest artistic creation of 'Sue' and the Saurian version of T rex, forming a new view of this Tyrannosaur, from keratin horn coverings to the much argued integument and lip coverings, referencing many extinct and extant species. We have followed the current theory that due to its size, an adult Tyrannosaurus rex probably had no need for feathers.

These life sized wall mounts are available in very limited numbers due to our current project commitments and website order obligations, available in standard artwork and we can also offer a custom colour scheme service based on your views of this iconic species. Featured image, using a grey/green slight counter shaded artwork scheme based on modern day species.

These can also be provided with 8' X 6' Diorama backdrops. Please contact us for full details, pricing and availablity.

A huge thanks to our Paleoartist India Andrews for her unswerving dedication to the sculpture of this piece!

T rex skull sculpture

 Our sculpt Oct 7th

The new face of Tyrannosaurus rex - cast available

First cast straight out of our mould October 21st