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Sell with us through your gift shop or events

If you run a gift shop or hold public events and you are looking for products that you can sell, then we can offer some amazing museum grade replicas to your customers.

Our range includes 12cm T rex teeth, 25cm T rex teeth, Megalodon teeth, and some pretty cool dino claws taken from our best sellers, all precision cast at our studios here in the UK. 

RRP's on this new range are low, to cater for customer spending trends, for example our T rex 12cm tooth, finished in non toxic fossil brown resin is suggested for retail at £9.99. 

We can offer 40% trade discount to our new retail partners, and all replicas come complete with space efficient and very convenient print stamped carboard browsers, perfect for any retail venue, mobile event or permanent shop display.

We can also offer an initial sale or return package for new customers with existing retail outlets or potential for such. Min quantities may apply. 

For further enquiries, please contact us below with brief details of your business/project/event and we will be delighted to discuss this further with you.