Life Sized Dinosaur Experience UK

We are currently in design and talks with various organizations to produce a life size immersive Dinosaur experience for the UK which we are planning will go on tour around the country. Our brief is simple: Ultra realistic life sized dinosaurs like never seen before, interacting directly with visitors. At this stage we have confirmed designs for a life size Tyrannosaurus rex, a pack of Raptors like you've never seen them before, and we are working on other spaces within the exhibition area, and are considering different species. We don't want to give too much away at this stage!


 The Dinosaurs will be brought to life here at Prehistoric, and we are hoping to create the most realistic creations possible, through a combination of our skills and experience and using practical and animatronic effects.

The exhibition is expected to be quite a high profile event with a minimum of 6-10 shows over a 12 month period, and is likely to be sited in one location for 2-3 weeks before moving on to the next with a short interval in between. So far we have had a massive response from the leisure industry and have some high profile locations already on board.

This page is a work in progress and we will update as we go along. We are currently uncertain of a release date, but will update the site as soon as we know.


These are some of the concept visuals we have produced and have used from scenes of the exhibition - for which we still have no firm 'name'. The top features a Tyrannosaurus breaking out of a Jungle wall of trees and about to take a very personal interest in the visitors, and the second is a visual of two escaped raptors in one of the corridors featured in the show.

This project, still in its early days represents a ground floor opportunity for many companies and individuals to become involved, and we already have some high profile companies on board. If you believe that you have a service or experience that you believe would be of help, we would love to hear from you. We will also have employment opportunities later on for a variety of positions, including actors, retail, marketing and crew members.
In the meantime, its business as usual for us through our store, but we will keep you updated of our progress. If you want to receive updates about this exhibition, then please join our mailing list below.