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Tyrannosaurus rex 5 Foot Life Sized Wall Mountable Display



5 Foot Life Sized Wall Mountable Display

1 of 3 Available for 2020.

One of the biggest questions often asked about T rex, is what did it look like when it was roaming the Cretaceous landscape 65 million years ago?

As part of an animatronic T rex project for 2021, we developed this massive half profile as a life sized concept sculpt based on the very latest theory and evidence of what T rex may have looked like. These wall mounts weigh in at 5.5kg, are precision cast in polyester resin which means they can be mounted to almost any wall surface, and can be easily transported for mobile exhibits and displays. Available in standard artwork shown, or you may have a theory yourself as to its colouration and our talented paleoartists can work with you in recreating your preferred colour scheme.

This visually stunning piece is packed with educational features based on the fossil record and contemporary projects on the latest version of T rex. Based on actual skull AMNH 5027, It features an acrylic polished eye for maximum realism, bite marks along the snout using real Tyrannosaur teeth for maximum accuracy, facial scarring highlighting the often violent lives these dinosaurs lived. This recreation features a lipped mouth, based on research and extant species, and features no feathers due to popular theory for these huge adult Tyrannosaurs.

Possibly the ultimate Tyrannosaur display!

Length Nose to neck : 147cm Height: 100cm Depth at widest point from wall surface 27cm. Fixes to wall very easily with three discreet L shape brackets on edges.

These can also be stand mounted for use with diorama themed backdrops.



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