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Oak Framed Complete Set of Solnhoffen replicas - SAVE 10%

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Solnhoffen complete Oak framed set Save 10%

Includes the Original restoration Archaeopteryx, restored to its original condition when first discovered including leg feathers plus many other small features, Rhamphorhyncus, and an amazing little Pterosaur known as Pterodactylus Kochi.

This whole set has been hand framed in solid Oak to produce an amazing matching set of 3 suitable for any professional exhibit or stunning home display.

Provided with double loop and string classic picture hangers on rear.

Strictly limited offer while our stocks of Oak last!

Price shown includes shipping costs 
Ships via Parcelforce 48 tracked and insured, or by international courier also fully insured and tracked, please allow 2-3 weeks for dispatch as these are hand made, finished and painted to order.


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