Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Life size (1.8m long) half skull wall display Fossil Brown

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This unique life size fossil replica in breathtaking detail is available here in a half skull wall mount format, designed especially for the home market as a life sized wall display piece. How else could you comfortably fit the entire skull of one of the greatest predators to have ever lived in your living space? This skull is a truly stunning 1.8m long!
These are precision ultra high detail casts from the original sculpture/reconstruction by John Mac, hand cast, finished and airbrushed in classic 'Fossil brown' colouration producing one of the most highly detailed and stunning Spinosaur replicas available. This half skull wall mount is an impressive 1.8m long by 95cm high yet only 25cm deep, very lightweight and space efficient making it an ideal display even for the average sized home! Each one is individually hand cast and finished in our Studio in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. These are very unique fossil replicas for the discerning dinosaur enthusiast, and one of the most stunning natural history exhibits for any home. These have been supplied as exhibition exhibits, educational dig fossils and have decorated many a home worldwide!

Supplied with simple screw points for mounting on your wall surface, no specialist skills needed. Size 1.8m long X 95cm high X 25cm deep, weight approx 5kg. International orders welcome.

Please allow a lead time of around 2-3 weeks on average.