Dunkleosteus Life Size Wall Mount Skull 4 foot

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Brand new from Prehistoric, and again, unique to us is this ultra accurate and detailed four foot long reproduction of one of the most powerful jawed fish to have ever lived. 

In life, Dunkleosteus lived between 358 - 302 million years ago, and hunted the oceans of the late Devonian period. It is believed that adults reached lengths of around 19 feet, and the jaws were specially evolved to open so quickly that prey would literally be sucked in before the guillotine like blades sliced through them with incredible force.

The skull of this colossal fish would measure several feet across, yet has been adapted here for optimum wall display for any purpose from professional exhibit to even home display for collectors, and we are able to provide these at an absolute fraction of the cost of full skull replicas.

Cast in lightweight yet very durable resin and finished in an authentic fossil grey, with simple mounting brackets to be attached to any wall surface easily. Weight Approx 4.5 kg

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