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Juvenile Triceratops Horn



New from Prehistoric is this Triceratops Brow horn tip from a juvenile of this species.
Pressure cast in stunning detail and features internal lightweight reinforcement making this a robust yet lightweight replica that is ideal for display and handling. Length 43cm X 6cm wide weight approx. 750g.  Available in standard fossil brown or also in Fossil grey.
As with all of our replicas, each one is hand cast, finished and painted by our paleo artists at our new studios in the United Kingdom.
These are stock items and usually ship within 7 days.
Ships UK Royal mail first class, and internationally by express service usually  7-10 days via reputable courier such as SHL, Fedex, TNT or USPS.
Please select your country of destination in the drop down menu, price shown includes total price including shipping costs.
If you have any further queries about this item, please contact us.