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Deinonychus Life Size Raptor Bust 2019 3rd edition Pre-order

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(2019) We are re-releasing a new run of these due to popular request. We will have 10 available for pre-order.

Edition 3 2019 - due to overwhelming requests we are commissioning 10 more of these life sized deinonychus busts! We can provide these as pre-order items so please allow 3-4 weeks for creation and artwork. The new edition is from a new sculpt and cast which will be in even better detail than ever, and will be available in two standard artwork colours, Jurassic Park 1 Classic, and Blue - inspired by the movie version.

This featherless classic Raptor was inspired by the big screen counterparts, in life this animal would have been Deinonychus, a fearsome Dromaeosaur almost 12 feet in length. Each one of these are precision hand cast in lightweight resin and are faithful reproductions of the original, capturing every minute detail. Includes simple black display stand. 

The new resculpts will be even better detail and accuracy, and will be part of our complete raptor 'statues' due later in the year. (Please contact us for details)

Available in two versions:

1)  Blue - movie inspired colouration with blue stripe running along flanks over natural colouration.

2) Single tone JP 1 classic Female. Dark grey brown with Green 'lizard' eye.

Length: 60cm

Height: 45cm 

Width: 23cm


Please allow for very slight variances in colour and artwork as each one of these are painted to order, and please allow up to 4 weeks for creation and artwork. 

Price includes shipping to UK, Europe and USA - If you live outside these areas please contact us for a quote on additional shipping costs!

Ships via fully insured courier


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