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Life size Velociraptor Mongoliensis Fossil Panel Matrix Wall Display 1.85m Long FREE SHIPPING*

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This stunning life size fossil replica of the infamous Velociraptor mongoliensis has been reconstructed from original fossil evidence to produce this museum grade display piece, specially designed for exhibits, educational props and also as an impressive wall display for your home! FREE shipping UK

This replica display piece is an impressive 1.85m in length by 90cm high, yet only 2.5cm deep, cast in highest grade lightweight poly resin and purposefully designed to mount on any surface. Supplied in 5 main sections that simply interlock seamlessly together, the hidden joins are the natural cracking shown in the pictures. 

It may surprise some to know that Velociraptor didn't quite match up to its Jurassic Park counterpart, in life this animal was around knee high to us, and about six feet in length, even so, this famous raptor of the Cretaceous would have been a formidable predator, most likely hunting in packs, latest evidence based on its eye anatomy suggest it may have even been a nocturnal hunter. This piece was inspired by the recent discoveries of Velociraptor's close relatives in China, where rare fossilization processes preserved the beautiful outlines of ancient feathers. 

Each one of these are hand made to order and are professionally painted in the studios of John Mac, so please allow for some slight variances in colour as each one will be unique. 

These are only going to be available in limited numbers, so its first come first served on these!

Please allow around 2 weeks for finishing and dispatch.

Free Shipping UK. International shipping available via tracked and insured courier.

If you have any questions about this item, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.