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Life Sized Megalodon Jaw Replica Section


Carcharocles megalodon

New from Prehistoric - this incredible life sized Megalodon partial jaw section with casts of genuine Megalodon teeth
Megalodon partial jaw replica - life sized at 80 cm - (shown below is the replica's position in relation to most of the enormous upper jaw) . In life, this massive jawbone would have been from a jaw almost 7 feet wide, and belonging to a shark in excess of 45 feet long.
Please note this illustration is for demonstration only, actual jaw section provided is the left hand piece. 
This is a reconstruction of the upper left section (As you look at the jaws) which has been precision cast capturing every fine detail, even the tiny serrations along the edges of some of the teeth. Each tooth features a gloss shine on the enamel, contrasting beautifully with the jaw and surround. Cast in lightweight poly resin, and wall mountable using the two discreet mounting points either side.
Shown here in a natural light brown, but also available in classic shark jaw off- white with dark grey matrix, or with classic gloss black teeth on a grey jawbone. Please contact us with preferred colour scheme after ordering. (No extra charge).
As with all of our replicas, each one is hand finished and painted to our very high standards in our studio in the United Kingdom.
Ships via Parcelforce 48 UK, internationally by reputable couriers. At busy times, please allow up to 10 days for dispatch.
If you have any further queries about this item, please contact us.
Prices shown in menu include shipping costs to your country.
Length 82cm
Height 45cm
Depth 10cm
*Shark jaws are made from cartilage which has never survived a fossilization process. The reconstruction shown here is a visual display with fossilized rock matrix for display purposes!!

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