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Liopleurodon - Massive 22cm Tooth Replica

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Liopleurodon was a genus of large carnivorous marine reptile, belonging to Pliosauroidae, a clade of short necked plesiosaurs, the apex predators of the Jurassic oceans of what is now Europe.

This is a life sized reconstruction of one of the large teeth that were situated at the front of the jaw and used for grabbing and holding prey, and is one of the largest tooth replicas on the market today!

This massive tooth measures in at a tremendous 22cm, with a significant girth, making this a very impressive natural history display item.

Pressure cast and steel pin re-inforced at our studios in the United Kingdom.

As with all of our products, this tooth is hand painted with a natural finish as shown.

Ships via Royal Mail small parcels.
2nd image: Liopleurodon skull.


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