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Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Life Sized Skull - 1.75m Long PRE ORDER ONLY

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This breathtaking 1.75m long life sized skull has been specially designed as a lightweight and easily transportable museum grade skull suitable for any professional exhibit or collection, yet finished in ultra high detail and equally suitable for any permanent display.

This is an anatomically accurate replica of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus based on the very latest evidence. Includes underside of upper skull, rear of skull, (braincase)  and inside of jawbones.Our reconstruction process has captured some amazing detail from micro bone surface texture to the sensory pits that Spinosaurs used to sense prey in the water.

The jaws can be easily detached via a simple wingnut on each for transit, whole skull can be set up in a matter of minutes on a simple black metal stand. The jaws can also be positioned in any gape, from full open to partly closed (as on some of the photo's and video). Supplied as standard with a metal surface mount stand designed for table top display, although other stand options are available, please contact us for details and pricing.

Cast in lightweight but very durable resin, approx. weight of entire skull 12kg,  making this a very lightweight skull for a life sized Spinosaurus replica. Length 1.75m, width (at rear of skull) 56cm, height when assembled with jaws in semi closed gape as shown 1.2m

Unique to Prehistoric is our artwork, we can finish these in a stunning Moroccan sandstone, featuring subtle shades of the geology where most Spinosaur remains have been discovered.

Each of these are hand made, finished and assembled at our studio in the United Kingdom, so please allow a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks from point of ordering. These will only be available in very limited numbers.

If you have any further queries about this item, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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