Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex Juvenile Skulls Presentation Set

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Two of the greatest predators to have ever walked (or swam!) this earth... Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. Presented here as two stunning life size fossil replica skulls, an impressive and unique diplay for any discerning collector. Both of these skulls are exclusive to The Prehistoric Store, and unavailable anywhere else.

Each skull was reconstructed by Paleoartist John Mac in the UK, from original specimens, and painstakingly cast, hand finished and painted, making each one produced unique. Both come with matching hand painted stone simulation bases and a vertical aluminium bar to mount each of the skulls upon. (Skulls can be removed.)

Dimensions:  Tyrannosaurus rex length: 23cm Height 12cm (Total height on stand 27cm). Spinosaurus length 27cm, height 13cm (Total height on stand 27cm)

Please allow around 7 days for shipping, as these are hand made items, and we can't always keep them in stock!  Should you have any further queries regarding this matching set item, please contact us.

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