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Spinosaurus juvenile in matrix fossil replica

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1:1 Scale Juvenile skull replica

Exclusive to Prehistoric

One of the largest predatory Dinosaurs known, an adult Spinosaurus could have reached sizes in excess of 50 feet. It all started with a youngster, very little is currently known apart from a few fragmentary remains, and this skull has been reconstructed by paleoartists at Prehistoric based on the latest evidence. In life, this skull belonged to an animal 6-7 feet in length, and maybe 2-3 years old.

 Replicas of infant Spinosaurs are hard to come by. This unique fossil replica panel is hand cast and finished in our studios in the United Kingdom, finished in a natural and stunning Moroccan sandstone colour, capturing every tiny detail of the original reconstruction.

 Wall mounted using the simple brass loop on the back.

Size: 45cm X 38cm X 2cm 

This is a flat fossil panel replica designed for wall mounting.

Only 5 available on first release.

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