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Tyrannosaurus rex Life Sized Half Skull Wall Mount Replica NEW PRICE



Full Size Wall mount Skull


1:1 scale Tyrannosaurus rex museum grade half skull wall mount replica. Length - an impressive 4 feet long by  3.5 feet high, depth from wall surface at widest point (rear of upper skull - middle of cheek bone) 20cm. Supplied with simple mount points X 4 on edges which can be screwed to your wall surface, no specialist skills needed. Weight approx. 4kg. Wall space required for this jaw dropping display skull is 4.5 ft X 4.5ft, a truly iconic piece of natural history - 

This unique replica skull was designed and reconstructed from Tyrannosaur skull specimen AMNH 5027, reproducing ultra fine detail and anatomical accuracy, from subtle distortion of the 65 million year old fossilization process to remains of erosive lesions in the jawbones caused by a parasitical infection that are known to have plagued Tyrannosaurs.  Ideal for mobile display, exhibits and many have been supplied as stunning home displays.

Available in fossil grey,(1st image) Fossil brown (fourth and fifth image) light sandstone or classic black, please simply drop us a message on your preferred choice of colour  when ordering.  Final Image: Cutaway version in our workshop/Fossil brown. Please contact us as these versions are also available at a small additional charge.

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Ships UK and internationally via reputable courier, tracking provided via our store when shipped. Please allow 14 days from point of ordering to shipping, however this can vary at busy times.
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