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Utahraptor ostrommaysorum Maxilla Bone

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Utahraptor maxilla bone with teeth. Length 19cm X 12cm

A little about Utahraptor

Utahraptor meaning 'Utah's predator' was a large dromaeosaur, an adult reached up to 6-7 metres in length and 2-2.5 metres high, weighing in at around 1,000 kg.  It lived 121 to 136 MYA ago in the early Cretaceous, closely related to Achillobator and Deinonychus. Its bones were hollow and bird like, but very strong, latest discoveries suggest an animal that was very stocky in appearance with relatively short arms, legs and tail in comparison to other dromaeosaurs. The lower jaws in particular were unusual, bent down and outwards at the tips, possibly suggesting a specialized diet.   

Our understanding of Utahraptor has until now been quite fragmentary, however an 18,000lb block of fossilized quicksand containing multiple specimens of Utahraptor of all ages is being painstakingly prepared by the Utah Geological Survey. It is thought to contain the remains of seven individuals, including a adult measuring 4,8m (16ft) four juveniles and a hatchling around  1m long. Entombed with these are the remains of at least one large Iguanodont type herbivore..

This rare dromaeosaur replica maxilla is a high detailed and accurate double sided replica pressure cast in polyester resin, making it ideal for display or handling without fear of breaking. capturing every minute detail of the original reconstruction by John Mac.

Available in classic fossil grey or light sandstone.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for dispatch, as these are bespoke hand made items. Free Shipping UK, rest of world ships via reputable courier, insured and trackable.