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Worlds biggest T rex Tooth replica, massive 36cm around the curve inc. display base


Brand new is this replica of the largest T rex tooth, with a colossal 35cm around the curve (outside) and a staggering 10cm width. 

This was requested by a company illustrating a recent study which suggested that Tyrannosaurs may have been even larger than the largest known specimen to date (Scotty).

This tooth was painstakingly recreated by our paleoart team based on genuine Tyrannosaur teeth examples and is cast in solid resin featuring stunning fossil brown artwork. Complete with black display base and brass info plaque (Wording may appear slightly different to advertised).

Please select your area/destination from the drop down menu.
Please allow 3-10 days for creation, finishing and shipping of this replica.
Please note this is a replica recreation, not an actual fossil cast.

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