News and updates about new products and our website

May 2019

We are currently designing and researching the possibility of a life sized Dinosaur immersive experience to go on tour around the UK. We will dedicate a section of our website to this in the near future, so please check back for updates. We are now working on the Uk's most accurate life sized Tyrannosaurus rex!


 Above: early concept illustration


Jan 2019, we have a few new additions to our Claws and teeth collection, T rex finger claw (below), Carcharodontosaurus finger claw (huge!) and the new Megalodon tooth. More details in store around end of Jan. 



December 2018 - Our Tyrannosaurus rex life sized skull is complete and available for direct order via our site. These  have been designed in response to many customer enquires over 2018, and are lightweight yet accurate skulls equally at home as mobile exhibits as they can be set up in a matter of minutes, or as permanent exhibit items. Next in our large skull range is the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus final version, due early 2019. Our Triceratops life sized skull will be following in the first quarter of 2019!


19th JULY - Great news - our first commercially available skeleton finally goes in store some time this weekend, we are just waiting on photo's. Utahraptor ostrommaysorum, measuring in at an impressive 10 foot long will be available for worldwide shipping. 


 11th JULY - Our new Megalodon Jaw section was cast this afternoon - here's a quick snap of it in initial detail silicone coat. We'll finish off the mould, and should have these in store in a matter of days! These have been designed to be an inexpensive way of owning such a Meg replica - and will be available with and without matrix (pictured bottom of image)


13th JUNE - T rex skulls update: here's the new fossil brown versions, upper skull shown from the best seller half skulls we have - will update product listings with new photo's as soon as we can. This is the new mould which are being shipped as of now.