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Worldwide Shipping Available

Available on all items, price included in store, no hidden extras. New for March 2021 We will be offering a collection service direct from our studios in the UK on large items.

Something BIG is coming to Prehistoric...

Planned for Summer 2021 is a life sized Tyrannosaur mountable half skeleton to form an impressive 3D display for commercial and even mobile exhibits. Fully customizable to requirements and a fraction of the cost and logistics of a genuine cast. Created by our paleoartists in the UK for maximum authenticity. POA Enquiries now being taken.

New Projects for July/August 2021

Nanotyrannus Skull Replica

New for July, this stunning new full sized skull replica of Nanotyrannus, our most accurate recreation yet using new technology and traditional methods. Pre order enquiries now being taken for August. Image credit


Due for July 2021 is this stunning 70cm in matrix museum grade display replica of the first dinosaur ever named!

Giant Ammonite

We will be producing casts of a huge specimen of Ammonite from Lyme Regis area, as a single cast and a multi specimen wall display in matrix