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Brand new in June - Life sized Giganotosaurus skull replica - also available as a half skull wall mount!

Please contact us for further details/pre-order

Brand new for June 2022 - Triceratops life sized skull cast from genuine specimen

Please contact us for further details/pre-order

New for 2022 - Our latest life sized wall mountable Tyrannosaurus rex skull

Please contact us to reserve yours!

Hire A full Size T rex Skeleton

One of our T rex Skeletons will be going on tour around the UK this summer onwards, here's your chance to hire this amazing museum grade attraction for your event! Please contact us for more details.

Read The Story Of How She Was Made

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New Projects for 2021

Dinosaur skeleton displays made to order

With an expanding design and paleoart team here at Prehistoric we can now offer very cost effective display solutions for life sized dinosaur skeletons. Please contact us for details.

Our store replicas are currently unavailable for a short period.

T rex Skull

Please note that our current T rex skull cast is unavailable, a replacement is now in design cast from genuine Tyrannosaur skull bones and soon to be announced.