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Prehistoric Studios

Our studios are based in Leicestershire United Kingdom and are the beating heart of our creations at Prehistoric. All of our website replicas are hand made/sculpted, cast, finished and shipped from here, but we also work behind the scenes on a lot of custom projects for UK and international customers.
We have catered for many projects, from full scale 40 foot long Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons, major dinosaur displays for commercial venues, TV companies plus more.
Our studio proudly created Lucy the dragon (Ok not a dinosaur by any means but her design in conjunction with customer briefs was heavily inspired by a Theropod dinosaur!)
Our studios are open for custom projects, please contact us for a free design appraisal of your project.
Meet Lucy - Giant dragon made by Prehistoric. Dragon at Lincoln Castle.
Lucy the Dragon, #meetlucy - built by Prehistoric in the UK. Please visit our page to see the amazing story of how she was made
'Lucy' The dragon, who now lives at Lincoln castle in the UK. She has been a sensation for visitors and drew over 60,000 visitors in her first week at the castle!
Spinosaurus skeleton UK, made by Prehistoric
Spinosaurus display created for a cinema complex, Ireland

Triceratops skull UK, made for a TV series

Triceratops skull  for another upcoming TV series