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The Making Of Lucy The Dragon For Lincoln Castle

The Making Of Lucy The Dragon At Lincoln Castle
Lincoln Castle Giant Dragon Lucy
We are proud to have been asked to design and make Lucy the giant dragon for Lincoln Castle.
She is a year long attraction in the grounds of the historic castle and you can now visit and see her in all her giant glory in the right hand corner of the grounds right next to Cob Hall Tower.
Lucy the Dragon at Lincoln Castle Concept Artwork
Original concept image drawn by John Mac (Prehistoric) Note the original dragon design, altered slightly in the final design to look more friendly!
The Making of a Giant Dragon at Prehistoric, sculpting the dragon in Monster clay. Life sized clay sculpt of a giant dragon
Lucy started life as a giant clay sculpt, shown above left was the original clay application over a giant armature. At this stage we were still liasing and finalizing the design in realtime to achieve the 'look' that Lincoln Castle was after. We used approximately 2.5 tons of various grades of clay on her main sculpt, the outermost layer being Monster grade clay which remains workeable for longer.
Attention to the smallest details was paramount, especially some of her detailing around the focal points such as the eyes. 
Giant Silicone Mould for Lucy The Dragon
Lucy's final construction needed to be a lightweight fibreglass cast, so we used over 100kg of casting silicone to create two giant moulds for the head! (above)
Due to her sheer size (head was 4.2m long with the horns) Lucy's final head weight was around 140kg.
From this detailed silicone mould we produced the final cast.
Lucy The Dragon at Lincoln Castle - The Making of By
Polyester resin cast for Lucy's head.
The Dragons horns, hand, and tail sections were sculpted using a dense grade polystyrene for the initial shape then coated with a tough outer shell which was detailed, giving her a 1000 year old look!
Lincoln Castle Dragon giant hand, the making of Lucy the Dragon by Prehistoric
Lucy the Dragon (Named after the famous tower and history of Lincoln Castle)
was completed and installed March 2022. She is there as a year round attraction, free to go and see, and the castle will be holding a range of supporting Dragon related activities.
Lucy the Dragon, Made by Prehistoric
Giant Dragon UK, How to make a Dragon, Lucy the Dragon at Lincoln Castle
Our studios are always open for projects such as this, from life sized dinosaurs to the realms of fantasy, our stunning creations are designed as visitor generating attractions that are not only impressive in real life but also generate huge exposure via social media. (Lucy the dragon has attracted almost 30k views on social media in her first day, and almost 100,000 visitors within her first month) and half a million visitors in her first year.
Lucy the Dragon, Lincoln Castle made by Prehistoric UK
Lucy the Dragon was designed and created at our studios by John McDermott, head Paleoartist. Its design is copyright protected. (c) 2020 - 2024 all rights reserved, all designs, artwork and the dragon design are the property of John McDermott at Prehistoric. This design, or any artwork associated in any way with this project or associated projects based on this design may not be used, altered, duplicated or modified for any use, in any way without my express permission.  Use of this design or above without my permission will result in legal action.