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Archaeopteryx Life Sized Fossil Replica Wall Mount



Images shown are from our actual cast and not stock images from google!

Brand new to Prehistoric is one of our all time favourites - the 'Berlin Archaeopteryx'. One of the first  iconic fossil discoveries that helped give us our first insight into the link between Dinosaurs and flight. 

In life this magnificent creature would have been about the same size as a modern day rook or magpie, this stunning precision cast is now available through us in exquisite detail, and subtly hand painted to match the original Solnhofen limestone formations of Bavaria, Germany dating back to mid Jurassic.

A truly timeless replica suitable for any collection or exhibit.

45 X 37cm. Hand painted at our studios in the UK. 

Lead times may vary due to popularity.

Last image: The original Berlin specimen.

Price shown includes shipping costs 
Ships via Parcelforce 48 tracked and insured, or by international courier also fully insured and tracked.


Customer Reviews

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Kev Smith
One of the best gifts I have ever received

This is a fantastic piece and I enjoy looking at it every day. The detail is great, and everyone who sees it question whether it is real. Many thanks.

Hugh Ratzer
A truly beautiful replica

This is an outstanding replica.


Received my ARCHAEOPTERYX today, i am absolutely over the moon and cant stop looking at it great attention to detail, fantastic customer service, and will definitely be buying again from here.
Thank you prehistoric store!

Ben Daniels
Stunning Replica!

This Berlin Archaeopteryx replica is by far the best I've seen for sale, and the final product lives up to that and more! This piece is great value for money for the quality and artistry you will receive. This piece has taken centre stage in my collection and will be hard to top! Huge credit to The Prehistoric Store team, amazing work. (This piece is best viewed under dramatic lighting for the full home museum effect ;)

Pride of p!ace in my collection!

Many thanks to John and the team. The quality of the replica is exceptional.

Customer Reviews

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