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Baryonyx Life Sized Skull In Matrix - 108cm



A dinosaur that doesn't need much of an introduction - this impressive 25-30 foot long British Spinosaurid was believed to have lived approximately 130-125 Million years ago, stalking the rivers of an ancient ecosystem that is now modern day England.  This skull has been reconstructed as a wall mountable panel, is 2.5cm deep for space efficiency and features casts of genuine claws.

Precision cast, finished and hand painted at our studios in the United Kingdom. Limited numbers available. Custom artwork available.

Size: 108cm wide X 80cm high X 2.5cm Deep. Cast in Flame retardant Polyester resin and available in weathered sandstone (3rd and 4th images) as standard or fossil brown (1st image) Please contact us after ordering with your preference.


1) Skull in matrix 

2) Isolated view of skull (reversed)

4) Light sandstone version

Now available in a custom light fossil grey version, please ask for details.

Ships via Royal Mail Parcelforce 48 UK, Internationally via courier, tracked and insured. Limited numbers available.


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