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Baryonyx Life Sized 11" Claw Replica



New from Prehistoric

Life sized Baryonyx claw, A colossal 11 inches along the curve. A precision pressure casted replica of the original claw discovered in the United Kingdom belonging to the infamous Baryonyx, which means 'Heavy claw'. hand painted at our studios in the UK.

In life this British spinosaurid would have reached 25-30 feet in length and lived approximately 130 - 125 million years ago.

 Hand painted precision cast, ships via Royal Mail.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jeremy Parker
Stunning claw

The quality of this replica is awesome. Great on display, would recommend it to all dinosaur lovers

Prehistoric Evolution
One of the best!

We bought this claw for a family member all the way in Mexico and he loved it.
We can't recommend prehistoric store enough. From their amazing replicas to their customers service, they are incredible all the way.
We'll definitely be back for more.

Andrew Martin
Best first purchase

I am glad to have received my Baryonyx claw! Took a bit long but due to current world events as of this review it is to be expected. Nonetheless, the claw is amazing and definitely makes me want to purchase more replicas!

Daniel Moore
An incredibly detailed display piece

I recently ordered a Baryonyx claw from The Prehistoric Store and I am very impressed with it. It is a professional-level replica and looks and feels beautiful. The service and communication was also excellent so it certainly won't be my last purchase! Thank you TPS!

Ken Cardon
A claw worthy of it's name

I get were Baryonyx (Heavy Claw) get's it name from, I have quite a few replica claws from this store now but the Baryonyx is definitely the heaviest and most bulky from the all.
Really love the claw, has realistic look and feel to it, I would recommend it to any dinosaur lover and fossil collector.
It makes for a great display piece.

Customer Reviews

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