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Juvenile Tarbosaurus bataar Fossil Replica Wall Mount Natural Bone Finish

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Brand new from Prehistoric and only available from us, is this addition to our Tyrannosaur collection - a juvenile Tarbosaurus bataar skeleton in matrix, presented as a wall mountable fossil replica.

This is our 'natural bone finish' version - including a CA glue simulation on the bones only (The glue that palaeontologists use to stabilize and protect exposed bone), giving a subtle and authentic surface on the exposed skeleton of this infant Tarbosaur, encased in a weathered sandstone matrix.

Tarbosaurus was a genus of Tyrannosaurid that flourished in parts of Asia around 70 million years ago, and reached around 12m long as an adult. Tarbosaurus is believed to be closely related to its north American counterpart Tyrannosaurus rex. In August 2006, in the western Gobi desert, a nearly complete skeleton of a juvenile Tarbosaurus was discovered. The original fossil is around 1m wide, we have painstakingly reconstructed a replica of this amazing fossil scaled at 60cm wide.

Professionally cast, hand finished and painted at our studios in the United Kingdom. Includes brass loop for wall mounting on rear.


Ships via Parcelforce 48 tracked and insured, or international courier also fully insured and tracked.


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