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Megalosaurus bucklandii Museum GradeDisplay


Megalosaurus Bucklandii

The dinosaur that started it all... Megalosaurus. Remains discovered date back to the 17th century. Megalosaurus was, in 1824, the first genus of non-avian dinosaur to be validly named. The type species is Megalosaurus bucklandii, named in 1827. In 1842, Megalosaurus was one of three genera on which Richard Owen based his Dinosauria. On Owen's directions a model was made as one of the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs which greatly increased the public interest for prehistoric reptiles.

This is a 1:1 scale replica mounted on white 9mm thick MDF presentation board with brass effect info plaque. The Bones, (Cast from lightweight polyester resin) are mounted as per the original display today. Replica includes cast of original Megalosaurus jaw (right dentary) and left maxilla which has been recreated precisely.

Can be wall mounted using the brass loop on the rear.

54 X 56cm

A big thankyou to Kieran for the amazing video above!

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1 Replica

2 Replica

3 Replica

4 Oxford Museum of Natural History specimen

5 Highlighted areas of skull discovered