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Museum Quality Baryonyx walkeri Thumb Claw Cast With Oak Display Stand, Infographic And Presentation Box



Baryonyx walkeri

Giant thumb claw cast of the famous British Spinosaur, most likely used for gripping prey. With a keratin sheath, this claw may have been upto 30cm long.

Solid pressure cast heavyweight replica ideal for presentation/display/education. Finished in an authentic fossil brown matching the original claw discovered in 1983, UK.

Social media competition question!

What does Baryonyx mean?

A) Massive Claw

B) Quite Big Claw

C) Heavy Claw

Please enter your answer back on our social media posts and draw will be mid June, winner of the Velociraptor mongoliensis and oak display base will be drawn at random and notified directly on our posts. Free to enter! Best of luck! 

Please note, this question may change during the giveaway period!

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Baryonyx thumb claw replica

Rigid museum archival / presentation box

Re-mastered casts for maximum detail and authenticity to original specimens

Pressure cast in solid Polyester Resin - perfect for professional display and handling.

Info graphic display

Sustainably sourced solid oak base with gold species name label

(Replica removeable for handling)

While stocks last - free large Prehistoric paper printed carrier bag


Others in this range: Megalosaurus dentary (Jawbone), Tyrannosaurus rex tooth, Dinosaur footprints, Megaraptor claw, Pliosaur tooth, Icthyosaurus skull, Allosaurus thumb claw and digit, Baryonyx thumb claw, Spinosaurus thumb claw, Iguanodon thumb spike. More items planned, and this collection will be available until 2025.


Ships via courier, tracking provided.
Please note, each replica is hand painted to the highest quality, colours may vary slightly.
Our oak bases are sustainably sourced and may vary slightly with future batches.
No quibble returns - if you are not happy with your purchase then please return for a full refund.



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