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Pliosaurus Life Size Massive Tooth Replica Prop 38cm Long


Brand new from our paleoart studios is this massive Pliosaur tooth replica, measuring in at an incredible 38cm (Mid line) and 46cm around the outside curve, tooth crown width 8cm.

This was a customer request to create a visual prop to demonstrate the upper size potential of a Pliosaur complete tooth with root from an animal with a skull length of 3 meters plus. Near-complete Pliosaur skeletons indicate that the skull was probably about 17% of total body length, suggesting that the whole animal that this tooth belonged to might have approached 18 m, or nearly 60 feet. Jaws of this size exist but complete tooth fossils are extremely rare.

Our paleoartists have painstakingly reconstructed this breath taking replica tooth using available data, measurement and visual reference of existing tooth fragments to create this colossal tooth. It has beautiful ultra fine detailing with striated tooth crown which is trihedral in cross section.

Precision cast in lightweight but tough resin, this makes this replica tooth ideal for handling and demonstration/display purposes.


Hand cast to order. Please allow 2-14 days for dispatch.

(c) 2023 Prehistoric.

See below image for size comparison to a regular sized upper maxilla T rex tooth !