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Pterodactylus Kochi Fossil Replica

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Brand new to Prehistoric is another of our favourites - Pterodactylus Kochi, a tiny pterosaur discovered in the limestone formations in solnhofen, Germany, dated at around 140 million years old.

A truly timeless replica suitable for any collection or exhibit. We have performed some secondary restoration to parts of the detailing (not skeletal).

16.5cm X 14.5cm. Hand painted at our studios in the UK. Pressure cast in polyester resin. Wall mountable via brass loop on rear. Hand painted in our studios for maximum authenticity.

Ships via Royal Mail first Class 



Customer Reviews

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Katherine Castle

This is a fantastic little tile, really good quality and excellent detail. I had a slight issue when trying to hang it on the wall, though, as the hook wasn't in the middle, so it hung very noticeably crooked. Probably wouldn't have been an issue if it wasn't square. I had to get a bit creative with the blu-tack in the end just so it would stay level, otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

Incredible fine detail

The detailing and craftsmanship on this piece blew me away when I got it. I've had more than a few people ask if it's real which should tell you everything you need to know. High quality beautiful replicas like this help to keep the real fossils in the hands of the scientists who study them. This piece should absolutely be in everyones collection at home. Worth every penny.

Love it

The intricate details on it is beautiful. Quality casting and I look forward to buying more 🦖

5 Stars

A high quality master piece. The attention to detail is sublime. You won’t be disappointed in this cast. If you didn’t know this was a replicas you would think this is a genuine article.

Customer Reviews

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