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Rhamphorhynchus 57cm X 35cm Life Sized Fossil Replica



Brand new to Prehistoric is another specimen from the Solnhofen formations of Germany - Rhamphorhyncus.  This stunning fossil features the delicate wing membranes and other anatomical features typical to these highly specialized small Pterosaurs.

This stunning precision cast is now available through us in exquisite detail, and each one is expertly hand painted to match the original Solnhofen limestone formations of Bavaria Germany dating back to the mid Jurassic.

A truly timeless replica suitable for any collection or exhibit.

57cm X 35cm. Hand painted at our studios in the UK. Cast in polyester with board backing including a wall mountable brass loop on rear. There are quite a few reproductions of this fossil available, most come in a hand painted finish with obvious brush marks. We have matched the original colour scheme of the original specimen, ensuring that your replica is a totally natural finish for maximum authenticity.

Price shown includes shipping costs. 

Ships via Parcelforce 48 tracked and insured UK, or by international courier also fully insured and tracked.


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