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Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Life Sized Half Skull Wall Mount Replica

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1:1 scale Spinosaurus aegyptiacus half skull wall mount. We are proud to offer the only commercially available Spinosaurus skulls in the world. Length 1.6m long depth from wall surface at widest point (rear of upper skull - middle of Jugal bone) 20cm. Jaw is separate and with a simple hinge and can be mounted in any gape you require from full open to closed. This skull with maximum gape is massive. Provided in right or left hand facing.

This unique replica skull was designed and sculpted from actual Spinosaur specimens, including S.aegyptiacus and I.challengeri. This stunning and unique wall mount captures every fine detail of the skull of this incredible and still mysterious animal.  Does not include internal bone structures. Ideal for mobile display, exhibits and home displays, easily transportable. Weight approx. 8kg. 

Available with or without matrix, please contact us after ordering-  additional charge.

Available in our world famous level of artwork in stunning Moroccan sandstone (shown) and also available in a classical fossil brown.

Ships as standard outside Uk as 4 part replica. If you require the skull shipping in two full parts, then please contact us for a custom quote on shipping.

(Last image sent in by a customer upgraded for display with  LED lighting)

Free shipping in the UK, please allow 3 weeks for dispatch.

If you have any further queries regarding this item, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Photo 1 - Side View

Photo 2 - Detail

Photo 3 - Close up of artwork and detail

Photo 4 - One ready for shipping


Customer Reviews

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Unbelievably awesome!!

Wow- it’s a shame this star rating doesn’t go up to 10... as I’d give this half skull an 11!! Literally just unpacked it and can’t get over how incredible this skull is- I’d read about the size, but it still blew me away to have it here in person!! The art detail is really well done and the finish top quality! Can’t wait to get this up on the wall...

I’m a bit of a TRex obsessive usually (well, who isn’t?!) but after stumbling across the Spinosaurus half skull just couldn’t scroll past. Another hugely charismatic dinosaur (with the requisite predatory requirement and generous mouthful of teeth)... oh yes!!!

Prehistoric store kindly agreed to ship one of these beauties all the way down to Australia and face all the logistical nightmares such a feat would entail (including over zealous customs staff) and now here it is!

Well and truly worth the wait!! My only disappointment- I didn’t buy a T Rex skull at the same time!!!

Thanks team- this is possibly my best dinosaur purchase to date (and I’ve bought a few!)

Luca Ferrari

This Spinosaurus Wall Mount Skull is beautiful. I just wish it was at least $400.00 or less. If it were, maybe I would buy it, considering I am a HUGE fan of the Spinosaurus. But props to The Prehistoric Store for this beautiful piece of art.

Thank You, Luca Ferraru

Customer Reviews

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