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Temnodontosaurus 1.5m Long Wall Mountable Skull Replica


Temnodontosaurus - one of the most fearsome marine predators to have stalked the coast of the UK and Europe during the Jurassic. With several specimens now discovered in the UK, this colossal predator could have grown to enormous lengths, with a bite force twice that of a Nile Crocodile and with one of the largest known eyes of any animal known.

This colossal skull replica was painstakingly developed by our team of paleoartists for a customer project in 2023 by referencing numerous specimens and data to create one of the largest Icthyosaur skull replicas, and the first Temnodontosaurus skull replica for that monumental natural history display or educational event. Finished in authentic fossil brown bone detail with grey matrix.

1:1 Scale Replica 1.5m long (In life this Temnodontosaurus would have been around 30 feet in length) 

Low profile wall mount (15cm at rear) - also makes a great excavation project

Precision cast in polyester resin

Available in fossil brown to match original specimens discovered, dark fossil grey also available

100% reconstructed replica (not from fossil casts)

Simple to wall mount via 3 screw holes in the surrounding matrix

Hand cast at our studios in the UK, usual lead time 1-3 weeks but this can vary at busy times, please contact us for an up to date estimate.


Please note that we can no longer ship to Australia/New Zealand without a custom shipping quote.

Customer Reviews

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Stunning workmanship on this cast

Have a lot of casts of some amazing marine reptiles, but the minute detail on this is just incredible. Mounting with some lighting very soon, will send you pics.


Our really cool replica has been very good at our shows, we are always asked if it is a facsimile of a real one! We have our one on a big black board with some other marine fossils and it makes for such a wonderful display. Will be ordering again soon.

Customer Reviews

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