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Therizinosaurus Life sized Claw 70 cm Long Exclusive to The Prehistoric Store



2022 Updated version


Therizinosaurus  'scythe lizard', from the Greek therizo meaning 'to reap' or 'to cut off' and sauros meaning 'lizard') is a genus of very large therapod dinosaur. Therizinosaurus comprises the single species T. cheloniformis, which lived in the late Cretaceous period  around 70 million years ago, and was one of the last and largest representatives of its unique group, the Therizinosauria. This species was first discovered in mongolia and were originally thought to belong to a giant turtle-like reptile (hence the name, T. cheloniformis – "turtle-formed"). It is known only from a few bones, including gigantic hand claws, from which it gets its name.

This incredible life sized replica claw is from the arm of this colossal giant. Whether in life they were used to strip foliage from trees, or as formidable weaponry, this impressive replica claw speaks for itself. This is the middle claw from our full fossil hand reconstruction. Cast in lightweight Poly resin, professionally cast, finished and painted by our team of Paleoartists in the UK.

Please allow 7-14 days for dispatch on this item.

Final Image courtesy of BBC Walking with Dinosaurs



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