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Triceratops prorsus Life Sized 1.3m Skull Replica (Wall Mountable or Stand Mountable)



Brand new from Prehistoric for 2021 is this stunning 4 foot long half skull, the latest addition to our best selling wall mountable skulls, requested time and time again by our fans and customers! 

Created by our team of Paleoartists in the United Kingdom from actual Triceratops skull specimens, and bone fragment references, this skull features anatomical accuracy and exquisite detail of this famous ceratopsian dinosaur that lived alongside Tyrannosaurus rex in the Cretaceous.

Available in a choice of colours and mounting options, Black, Fossil Brown (Shown), and Fossil Grey (Please see many of our other listings for examples of this). These skulls are designed to be wall mounted very simply (skull weight approx 2.5kg) without any specialist skills needed, and also come with a 25mm black square section display stand that requires screwing down to a stable surface. This skull is a precision cast made in polyester and hand finished with stunning natural colouration.

These skulls are educational and display grade and are suitable for home display and professional exhibit.

Please use the drop down menu to build your own preference, and include your region (Shipping costs included.)

FREE Shipping UK, Ships from the UK, Export vis reputable couriers such as TNT, DHL, Fedex etc, full tracking information provided. Lead time on these skulls - 7-10 days.

Default: UK and EU will be provided as a single solid cast skull, USA and Rest Of World will be provided as a three part skull (face, frill and brow horn) that will require minor assembly using the simple metal brackets provided, this is due to the increasing cost of shipping, if you prefer a single piece cast for either of these regions, then please contact us for a custom quote on shipping. 



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