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Tyrannosaurus rex Life Size 'Thumb' Claw Replica



New from Prehistoric is this stunning life sized replica of the 'thumb' claw from Tyrannosaurus rex.
In life the forearms of T rex were not that much bigger than an adult humans, though a lot more soilidly built and powerful. Each hand sported two claws (including a third digit which was hidden in the wrist joint). What the exact purpose of these tiny arms in comparison to the colossal body was is still subject to debate. We have reconstructed this manus claw from all available fossil evidence.
Length 14.5cm X Width 3.5cm (rear)
Pressure cast in solid poly resin and professionally hand painted for an authentic finish and heavyweight feel. This is a robust heavyweight claw ideal for an educational prop or any display. 
Ships UK via Royal Mail small parcels, internationally via royal mail airmail.

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