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Utahraptor Fossilized Claw Replica



Life size replica of a fossilized Utahraptor manus claw. From an original reconstruction based on an actual fossilized specimen.

Cast in lightweight non toxic resin making this an ideal replica which can be safely handled, and expertly hand painted in a natural stone finish for maximum authenticity. These claws look just like they were just discovered, with subtle cracking, flaking and weathered finish.

Please allow us up to 7 days for dispatch, as these are bespoke hand made items.

Ships via Royal Mail Worldwide.



Customer Reviews

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John McDermot

My sons favourite dino! love this claw, the finish is superb.

Ashley Gamble

I just got my beautiful claw in today. I am in love! It is very well made and heavier than I expected, but I like that 😁. I'm so excited to display it in my office. Customer service was fantastic as well, my order got lost in the mail and they took care of it, quickly sending me a new order.

Ken Cardon
Another amazing claw!

Photo's don't do this beauty justice as it's 10 times more realistic and beautiful in real life.
Very realistic look and as always a great paint job, a very thin claw like you would expect with a raptor, not like the Baryonyx, Australovenator & Allosaurus claw from this store which are quite a lot bulkier.
If you love fossils & dinosaurs I can only recommend this company as it produces the best fossil replica's out there and for the best prices.

Maillard Solène

I'm in love with this one. Utahraptor is one of my favorite dinosaurs!
This claw is really big, it looks smaller on the pictures

R. Kirkham-Cope
Thank you

Absolutely amazing as always. Would highly recommend. Utah claw is going straight in the display case.

Customer Reviews

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