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Velociraptor mongoliensis In Matrix Fossil Panel Replica

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This unique matrix replica is reconstructed from an actual skull of Velociraptor mongoliensis, presented here for the first time displaying the faint traces of ancient feathers of this 80 million year old dinosaur (Reconstructed)

This stunning life size replica is unavailable anywhere else. This has been one of our bestsellers, and we have remastered the original producing even finer exquisite detail, and is now available as the 2024 edition.

It may come as a surprise to some that Velociraptor doesn't quite match up to its Hollywood counterpart, the actual dinosaur itself was only around knee high and nearly six feet in length, most of which was a very elongated tail. (The dinosaur used for the popular film franchise was actually a species called Deinonychus), film directors simply preferred the name 'Velociraptor'.  Nonetheless, in life, this animal would have been a ferocious predator, most likely a pack hunter, and possibly able to hunt at night.  Recent discoveries from similar related raptors clearly demonstrate the impression of primitive feathers, and here for the first time, we see Velociraptor sporting this prehistoric plumage in this superb replica cast in lightweight polyurethane resin.

Comes with free display stand for table top display.

Length 33cm X 20cm X 2cm

Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality. Would recommend

Charlie Wheeler
Outstandingly Beautiful

What a beautiful piece! The replica fossil and the matrix surrounding it look fantastic, I'd even go so far as to say the photos online don't even do it justice to how beautiful it looks in person. Great value for money also, and was delivered very well packaged!

I would give 6 stars if I could! Thanks again!

Lisa Garra
Beautiful, finely detailed art

The velociraptor matrix replica is just exquisite. It is so finely detailed it’s hard to believe it’s a replica and not the actual fossil. I love it as a display piece, as does my son who is a fossil and dinosaur aficionado. Truly amazing artwork. I wish I could order every one of the replicas, but this was one of my favorites to look at online so I purchased it. In person it looks even better, if you are contemplating it will not disappoint. I highly recommend this piece!

Joe Meeker
Velociraptor skull

This skull is incredible wanted it for a museum I’m putting together love the in matrix look also love the paint and feel of the piece thanks again John top notch quality.


Thank you prehistoric store!
Absolutely love my velociraptor the details on this replica are unreal you can even see the feathers.

Can't wait to buy more of your replicas soon, great customer service.

Customer Reviews

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